The Wild Riders

looking like a post-apocalyptic wasteland continent of Akka is controlled my local warlords, small city-states, guilds and cooperation. hundreds of opposite powers in a constant fight for domination cause 100,000 small conflicts. in destroyed by war wasteland wander many armed groups The brigandage, the pirates, the marauders, the mercenaries, the bandits.  The iron fist of the warlords combines these groups of outlaws the military force called The Wild Rider who fights for any cause as long as they are paid.

The Wild Riders blood and flesh always is fuel for the flame of war, but the weapons armour and equipment depend on their patrons ranging from homemade melee weapons, through scavenged imperial equipment, to top-brand commercial firearms. various groups in The Akka like SPOCHH engineering Guild manufacture their own weapon and sold them to the wild riders. The wild riders are formidable foes on foot, but they almost always lack armoured forces or air support. they are also known for their usage of combat stims.

This might be unbelievable, but on Akka, there is access to combat stims, drugs, even gene boosters, unknown or banned from the rest of the world. The Northern Empire, The Last Kingdom, The Revanian Republic, The Confederation. Any type of big government has some sort of regulation against unethical medical experiment, dangerous drugs, gene therapy etc. all of those “mad scientist” whom research was banned in their country escape to Akka under the protection of the most insane warlords to continue their sick experiments,

Wild riders - grunt

Role: Meat shields of the Wild Riders bands.
Species: any
various or non.

Black Prince/ Princess:

Among Akka's Warlords, no one causes more fear and dread than warriors called Black Princes (or Princesses). Hardened in the fire of thousand battles through the centuries of their life spawn. Armed with the best weapons and armour that can be found in the wastelands, powered by a mix of illegal stims and drugs flowing through their veins, genetically and cybernetically enhanced. They are the most powerful force in the wastelands. There are stories among Wild Riders that the single Black Prince was able to defeat a company of tanks.

Role: One-man army.
Species: any, yet more common are species with longer life spawn.