#241 - 04-23 Hard Light Talk - in Chapter IV

04-23 Hard Light Talk

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tiredtait tiredtait

When you are emperor, you can get away with wearing nothing but a blanket and towel in a teams meeting. When you're just a lowly worker, you get yelled at. not fair!

15th May 2021, 2:00 AM


TrueGhul TrueGhul

I'm pretty sure that if you are on life support. they wouldn't yell so much.

15th May 2021, 9:35 AM

dr pepper

dr pepper dr pepper


16th May 2021, 10:28 AM


TrueGhul TrueGhul

I like to think about him, more as a Cyber-witch-king

16th May 2021, 3:35 PM


robnot robnot

hehe,, not far off when i sed "Father." ...

17th May 2021, 5:13 PM


TrueGhul TrueGhul

definitely too close I need to put more thinking in plot twists. :P

17th May 2021, 8:31 PM

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