#211 - 03-75 A Sudden Bad Turn - in Chapter III

03-75 A Sudden Bad Turn

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TrueGhul TrueGhul said:

Hey guys,
As I announced two weeks ago, I decided to start Patreon for Afterwar comic. I would like to say here that the main Afterwar comic is not monetized in any way and will be not in future. I don’t like the idea of Paywalled content in general, so Patreons tiers get you early access to any finished piece and comics, vote power in polls, but WIPs and Concept art might be Patreons only content.

As a celebration of a new arc in Afterwar history, I decide to made first two Patreon polls for free all and double up amounts of published pages of afterwar for two weeks (the secound Afterwar page later this week).

Here is a Patreon link:

Also, visit my deviant art for other illustration and Twitter for afterwar updates and more:

28th Oct 2020, 2:10 PM

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TiredTait TiredTait

You've got a couple of my bucks.

and I'm guessing we can see what those vials are for. Lycanthropy?

28th Oct 2020, 7:32 PM


TrueGhul TrueGhul

I'm really thankful for your contribution.

Hmmm Lycanthropy? Maybe, maybe not.

That could be other medical condition or mayby she is just addected to some drugs and this is withdrawal syndrome?

29th Oct 2020, 10:36 AM

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