#208 - 03-72 One Giant Solution - in Chapter III

03-72 One Giant Solution

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TrueGhul TrueGhul said:

Hey guys,
I would like to ask you the question. It's about General Surikov. You saw her in dramatically different situations: on the battlefield, in the salons, in court, on the political stage, in private. What do you think about her character, goals and true nature? Please leave a comment below.


edit: thank you in advance every comment will help me significantly in character building.

7th Oct 2020, 10:34 AM

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robnot robnot

she has her own agenda / endgame.. she IS General Surikov.! so in battle, court, or political stage.. she is the General.! ..salon,, still aloof noble.. an in private , depends IF she trusts/knows you.. but in all that she loves the center of attention.!! SO.! if in all those situations, if you/me somehow make her the center,, (most good, some bad.) then she will "notice" you,, an all that, that goes with it... but until you get her trust,, all you will see is the "General/Noble" mask...

7th Oct 2020, 5:48 PM


TiredTait TiredTait

She came from nobility, land and wealth and was raised with stoicism and duty first and foremost. Something in her drove her to join the war (younger child not set to inherit? Desire to prove herself in a mans world? Legitimate patriotism?) , her background gave her rank, but her drive made her lead from the front. She believes that the true source of power is not in money or property, but in people and their talents. This is how she can attract people like Agent Sapphire and why she risked life and limb for Redfang. Trading your right arm to have someone like redfang as your right hand is worth the pain.
I get the feeling that she's not 100% comfortable with her new job, she can argue that solders knew the score and even conscripts were sacrificed for the greater good. To lose people to the war is a tragic loss, to lose people to politics is a damn waste. I wonder if she requested this position, was offered this position as a reward or was placed in this position as a punishment.

8th Oct 2020, 9:39 PM


Da5id Da5id

She has a sense of honor and also understands that politics is a dirty game that can't be avoided.

9th Oct 2020, 2:39 PM

Gerald Ney

Gerald Ney Gerald Ney

Agree with previous comments for the most part, but feel we still know too little of her background and history. She appears to have both the intelligence and skills to be a political player. One possibility is that her appointment was on the surface a way of removing her from the capital that appeared to be a reward into a situation that was unsettled. If nothing goes wrong, probably no big deal in the capital. If something blows up, it will be on her head. Her desire for bodyguards indicates that she knows she has or will have enemies.

10th Oct 2020, 5:41 AM

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