#173 - 03-39: Prison meals - in Chapter III

03-39: Prison meals

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TiredTait TiredTait

Have you been reading my diary? From upskirt officer to gamer girl to wrench wench, your votie images have been hitting every last one of my fantasies.

15th Apr 2020, 12:22 AM


TrueGhul TrueGhul

I have no idea what are you talking about I definitely didn't read any dairy.

btw: I running out of concepts, so... about your dairy ;P

15th Apr 2020, 8:47 AM


TiredTait TiredTait

on the naughty end, shower scene after a major battle or t he classic dasy dukes while washing off a troop transport.

Or you could do a couple of images of the cast when they were younger, single panel flashbacks of what caused them to be who they are.

I also kinda want to see Redfang arm wrestling with her old squad.

16th Apr 2020, 4:28 AM


NatureKid01 NatureKid01

Aw , so kind of him

18th Apr 2020, 4:22 PM

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