17th Feb 2020, 9:09 AM | TrueGhul
Hej guys,
as I've mentioned before, I have an update for you. I also have a question/request.
Afterwar will have to return to the two-updates-per-week schedule, as I won't have enough time to work on it in the future. I also noticed that the three-updates-per-week negatively impacts the quality of pages and storytelling, plus it drastically lengthens the chapter rework I'm trying to do.

Which upload schedule would you prefer (poll).

I know I have rather inconsistent upload times (sometimes I upload the pages early in the morning, sometimes even at midnight of my local timezone), so if you want to stay tuned consider following me on Twitter @TrueGhul. I always post there when I update the comic.

2) So, lately, I was thinking about starting Patreon, but I don't know is that have any sense. I would like to ask you guys. Do you even slightly interested in support this random guy from the internet and his comic by your hard-earned shekel, and if you are interested I would like to know what kind of rewards you are interested in. (let me know by PM, mail (trueghul@gmail.com), or  the pigeon).

Would you like to support afterwar on Patreon (poll).



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TiredTait TiredTait

I'd throw ya a buck or two. Of all the comics I discovered in 2019 you are far and away the favorite.

17th Feb 2020, 2:17 PM


TiredTait TiredTait

As far as patreon content, random sketches, page a month side stories and work in progress art are my personal favorites.

17th Feb 2020, 2:20 PM


NatureKid01 NatureKid01

Yeah Thats fine ^^

And about Patreon, sadly i dont have account for it , but it is nice idea. I wishes you more people support on your comic in future ^^

17th Feb 2020, 4:19 PM

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