SPOCHH engineering Guild

In the wasteland of Akka there is nothing more important than engineers with a special set of skills that allowed them to repair vehicles and devices without parts or special equipment. the best of the best in this speciality was the goblin engineers. Goblins are small and weak which is a great disadvantage in greenskins society, but they overcome this drawback with brilliant intelligence unorthodox solutions and a bit of intuition they became the only source of working equipment in the wasteland.

SPOCHH engineering Guild is one of the major players on The Akka political scene. Originally formed In Kadath city as a loose federation of lesser Guilds created to protect goblin engineers from bigger greenskins. Guild grows quickly and becomes not only an engineering Guild but also a continent-wide known technological research centre and mining company on a grand scale.

In the first years of its existence Guild use mercenaries to provide protection for its facilities and members. But lately, Guild formed her own military units to protect her facilities, members, but also provide strength to expand their territory and interests. these units were called the Assault engineering brigade. Guild still was limited by their technology and resources so decide to use very crude invariant of weapons and military equipment, but because of the brightness of Goblins engineers, AEB equipment becomes famous as easy to maintain, sterling and have many unique capabilities.

SPOCHH Infantry:

SPOCHH Assault technician:

Role: Basic foot soldier of the Guild.
Species: Goblin
Assault cuirass gGP32 "gud Goblin Plate 32", SPOCHH "Boomstick-7" (one-use grenade launcher)x2,
Goblin WarMask, SPOCHH "leg-bone" (submachine gun) or SPOTCHH "spine bone" (semi-automatic rifle),
SPOTCHH Plated Flamestick (flamethrower with shield) or SPOCHH Plated slaughterer 25 (shotgun with shield)


Role: Scout and Pathfinder
Species: Goblin
SPOCHH Light armor "gor'zog", SPOCHH google with binocular, SPOCHH "Spear" Sniper rifle with EYE-network sensors, EYE-network's connection device.

SPOCHH Goblin Knight:

Role: Suppressive fire
Species: Goblin
Assault cuirass dBGP34 "Da BETTER Goblin Plate 34", SPOCHH "skull" Heavy automatic bolt thrower.

SPOCHH Guild Enforcer:
Role: Close-combat and Crowd Control Specialist
Species: Goblin
SPOCHH "DaGrimFace" (environment hazardous mask), SPOCHH "Warshield" (shielded shotgun) or SPOCHH "leg-bone" (submachine gun) or shield and baton.

Role: Meat shield
Species: Goblin(?)
SPOCHH "Iron hand" (War guntlet), SPOCHH "Da bigger Warshield" (shield)
Special treat: The finest achievement of the Guild Chem-department. Created with finest formula Guild super soldiers resilient strong rampage on the battlefields like living tanks, but the Chemicals which improve their muscle grow and regeneration  highly degred their cognitive function.
Light Vehicles:
SPOCHH Light Vroomer:
Role: Infantry support
Type: Half-truck
Armour: Light
Equipped:  SPOCHH "Raveger" Double Heavy automatic bolt thrower, battering ram.