Wild riders

Looking like a post-apocalyptic wasteland, Akka continent is run by local Warlords and small city-states. The entire continent is a constant battlefield between warlords the fuel for this war is the flesh and blood of the Wild Raiders. Wild Riders is a slang term of any sort of armed groups like a brigandage, pirates, marauders, mercenaries etc. Wild Riders come from any species and gender and armed with a wide variety of weapons and armour ranging from homemade melee weapons, through scavenged imperial equipment, to top-brand commercial firearms.

Wild riders - grunt

Meat shields of wild riders bands.

Black Prince/ Princess:

Among Akka's Wastelanders and Warlords, no one causes more fear and dread than warriors call Black Princes or Princesses. Hardened in the fire of thousand battles through the centuries of their life spawn. Armed with the best weapons and armour that can be found in Akka's wastelands, powered by a mix of illegal stims and drugs flowing through their veins they are the most powerful force in the wastelands. Black Prince is a title earned by legendary warriors, regardless of their
species, gender or anything else.